Fred Olsen Ship in Finland

Fred Olsen Cruise Line has set the precedent for cruises based out of the United Kingdom by being the first cruise line to complete an international voyage.

With the Borealis docking by in the UK following its voyage to Finland including stops in the ports of Reykjavík, Ísafjörður, Eyjafjörður and Seyðisfjörðu.

The Borealis set sail for the Iceland continent on Saturday, 14th August with 800 guests onboard. It marks the first international voyage to set sail from British waters since all UK cruise operators took a pause in operations since March 2020.

In a statement Clare Ward, Director of Product and Customer Service at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines said:

This is a big achievement not just for us, but for the cruise industry. Being the first international sailing, this cruise was not without its challenges, but we worked very closely with the Icelandic authorities to ensure all went smoothly and, of course, safely”

Although other cruises lines have started sailing from UK ports in the past few months, the Borealis was the first official cruise ship to sail internationally since cruises were healed 17 months ago.

The cruises line management teams have worked tirelessly with local Icelandic authorities and shore tour providers to make sure as many guests as possible could have safe and genuine experiences ashore and enjoy the natural wonders of Iceland.

Fred Olsen Pre Cruise Requisites

As part of the cruise experience, guests have to fulfil certain procedures to make sailing to Iceland possible. That included pre-registration forms and covid testing prior to the ship’s arrival and also before arriving back in the UK. All guests were also required to be fully vaccinated by the Icelandic government.


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The cruise line currently has two ships sailing, Borealis and the new flagship Bolette, both of which are offering more international sailings starting in September. Need a little more information about Fred Olsen Cruise, check this link out.