Brand Ambassador John Heald Rides Bolt

In a show of true showmanship, Carnival Cruise Lines Brand Ambassador, John Heald has taken them up the ultimate challenge onboard the Carnival Mardi Gras.

Thanks to a recent fundraising effort onboard the ship a challenge was thrown out to the former cruise director.

As part of the Groove for St. Jude event, guests on the ship has the chance to donate money all of which would go to the charity in exchange for the chance to ride the Mardi Gras’ Bolt Rollercoaster.

Thanks to guest “Michael S” who donated $1500, John together with “Michael” took the plunge and rode Bolt together.

“it’s for the children of St Jude and yes, I would do anything for them”

According to John Heald on his Facebook Page

At the same time as John Heald riding the coaster, Carnival Cruise Lines President Christine Duffy got in on the action also. She managed to convince her husband to take the ride with her.

A marvel in modern technology and maritime engineering, BOLT is an all-electric coaster that encircles 800 feet of track 187 feet above the waterline. 


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The exhilarating ride can achieve speeds of up to 40 miles per hour with lots of drops, twists and turns, all adding up to an unforgettable experience.