Carnival Ship in Port

News is starting to surface regarding Carnival Cruise Lines plans to expatriate team members home in light of the extended pause in cruise operations worldwide. 7 Carnival Cruise Ships have been allocated for use as a way to get home as many crew members as possible.

Carnival Cruise Line has already began the operational changes on 2 ships, with the Carnival Spirit and Splendor already on their way from Australia to Indonesia and the Philippines.

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Carnival has currently identified five other Ships that will sail various routes to allow for as many team members to get home as possible.

The following ships are what have been earmarked for use in the coming days. Carnival is looking to use more ships where its possible based on operational needs.

Carnival Panorama

Will sail to Asia taking crew members from the US west coast, including transferring team members from the Carnival Miracle, Inspiration and Imagination.

Carnival Glory

Will sail to Latin America, taking in the regions of Central America including countries on the Northern parts of South America. Caribbean islands will also be included on this voyage.

Carnival Breeze

The Carnival Breeze is planning a trip taking in Central, North and South Africa. Along with ports in Western Europe and Central Asia.

Carnival Magic

Carnival Magics plans are to sail to Eastern Europe. taking the ship to as many coastal cities as possible.

Especially knowing so many are currently closed to inbound or outbound flight traffic. Being that Carnival predominantly has Italian Deck and Engine officers, that is one of the focus countries to drop of team member. Other countries of importance as Croatia and United Kingdom.

Carnival Fantasy

Carnival Fantasy will stay with the Americas looking to drop of crew members in North and South America respectively.


Carnival to continue its Operational Pause through April and now May
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At this stage, Carnival is in the process of group crew members from each region together to allow for each ship to take home as many people as possible in each country visited.

In the coming days crew members will be notified of travel arrangement to reach there designated ship allowing time to have there personal belongs at the ready and to travel on short notice.

Depending on the location of both the crew member and ship allocated too each person might have to travel by air or bus.

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Once on board each ship, specific guidelines will be followed to keep everyone healthy and thus allowing for smooth transition from their designated ship to home. Maintaining social distancing along with being allocated to single berth cabins has proven to be effective in promoting healthy and safe crew members.