So, Your all packed and ready to go. But have you thought of everything. Weather it be an item to bring with you, or perhaps a tip from a friend or family member. Something we all need to be reminded of some Cruise Tips to let us enjoy our cruise just that little bit more. 

I like Cruise Ships has put together 25 Tips that we think should come in handy. some more so than others. Perhaps you know some of these already, or maybe your seeing a new tip that will change the course of your cruise.

25 Cruise Tips

1. Learn the difference between ships time and local time and stay on ship time. Don’t be an entertaining pier runner or get left behind. Always remember. “Ship Time All the Time” you can purchase an inexpensive Casio watch for less than $10.00

2. GO TO THE MUSTER DRILL on the first announcement (this is required, you will be checked in) The faster everyone gets there the faster it is over. And the rest of the ship doesn’t want to wait on the lazy, privileged people that think they are above this process.

3. Meet your room steward, he/she is there to help you with many things. And please tip them extra if they do a good job. Perhaps even think about bring a small gift from home to let them know you thought about them. A simple mixed gift bag can go a long way

4. Always keep your Sign & Sail card with you – you really don’t use too much cash on board (except for casino and additional tips, if you like) A lanyard is the perfect way to always keep your card with you. 

5. The line at the guest service desk is always going to be long the night before disembarking, go on the second to last day to settle your accounts. You can also keep up with your Sail & Sign account during the cruise with the Hub App, so no last minute surprises.

25 Cruise Tips

6. You can ask for a Banana Split from children’s menu in the main dinning room at no charge. In fact ask for a copy of the children’s menu. There are some good things on it, including a great Mac-n-cheese you can order as a side.

25 cruise tips

7. Bring some kind of travel mug cup! The ship will supply cups in the dining room or lido deck. But if you like to have a little bit larger size drink. carrying your own will be handy. you can then carry it around the ship and refill it as need be. You can find so many styles and types….even so far as to getting a unique color or size. Check out the Ozark Range.

25 cruise tips

8. You can find a made-to-order omelet bar on the Lido Deck, plus the Blue Iguana Cafe makes great breakfast tacos and burritos. And don’t forget the Pizza Pirate and soft-serve ice cream, available 24 hours a day.

25 cruise tips

9. Bring a power strip without a surge protector. Usually only one or 2 single outlets are in your cabin. Bring an extension cord if you use a fan or c-pap. Plus put it all in your carryon, or it maybe confiscated. You can ready a couple of different articles we made on travel adaptors:
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10. When ordering food in the dining room, breakfast or dinner, you can ask for more than one item or sides. And you can make a meal out of the appetizers if you want. We have.

25 cruise tips

11. EAT A GUYS BURGER!!!!! They’re really good and you may end up eating several over the cruise. My personal favorite is the one called ” The Ringer ” 

12. Folks that are hearing impaired and have issues hearing the shows, can get a headset from guest services that amplifies the sound.. bring batteries.. AA I think. Also if you wear a hearing-aid make sure to pack extra batteries. For sure there not available in the onboard shops. 

The walls are metal and magnetic hooks work great. If you decorate your door, use Contact strips only. No scotch tape. Perhaps you might want to use Magnetic hooks. Make sure to get the ones that can support the most weight.

25 cruise tips

14. Ask for a bath robe if you want one. They are no longer in the cabins, but still available upon request. Depending on which room type you have some are included in the rooms some aren’t. Carnival sells them online or you can purchase one to take some from your cabin steward.

25 cruise tips

15. A green apple a day keeps the sea sickness at bay. You can also ask the Alchemy Bar to make you a drink with fresh ginger. It helps, too. It’s wise to bring Dramamine, Bonnie or Meclizine if you haven’t sailed before. Take a pill a few hours before sail away from the first port. Check out Travel wristbands as well as an alternative to taking pills

16. Tips = stronger drinks and more attentive bartenders or servers. There is an automatic gratuity on each drink that is split between all bar staff. Anything extra goes to that person.

17-You can store your suitcases under the bed. You can use one to put dirty clothes in. Vertical skirt hangers are good for hanging shorts on to save room in the closet. Bring a few extra hangers. There’s not a lot in each room. Your steward can provide a few if you forget.

25 cruise tips

18. Book the steakhouse early. It sometimes fills up. And remember there is a free bottle of selected wines on the first night. Also dont eat too much of the bread when they first bring it out. the steakhouse meal is more like a marathon, not a sprint. 

19. Use the HUB application to help you get around the ship, find shows and ship parties. Download the app before getting on the ship.

20. The Italian restaurant on the larger ships serves lunch at no charge, but they do charge for dinner.

21. Take a small medicine bag. Over the counter drugs cost 3-5 times regular retail. Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil or whatever you use for pain. Stomach remedies, like Tums/Rolaid’s and especially Imodium. Sore muscle creams, like Ben Gay. Band-Aids and Neosporin. Sunscreen, bug spray, and sunburn relief. Allergy and cold medicines anything else you use at home, just in small quantities.

22. Your carryon should contain your jewelry and valuables, passports and IDs, cruise documents, wine (one bottle per adult), soft drinks (one twelve-pack maximum per person) and your prescription drugs. Anything that you cannot do without if your luggage is late, or lost.

22. Book the Behind the Fun Tour the first day if you want to do it. It fills up quickly. Its only limited to 2 groups of 16 people. So you can imagine how quick it will sell out. You can book it at the guest services desk or shore excursions.

23. Packing! Lay out all the clothes and shoes you’re sure you will need. Now take away half of them. And then a few more. You will still have too many, but you won’t want to pack and carry the extra weight. I’m not kidding. Everyone always overpacks, especially new cruisers. Perhaps consider an over the door organizer. 

24. You cannot take an iron or any heating device. There is an iron in the laundry rooms. Also, if you plan on using the laundry room, bring your own supplies, in small bags. Carnival’s are very expensive. And there is a fee for the machines, bring quarters.

25. Bring your patience! There are lines everywhere for lots of things. And scooters, walkers, strollers, and small children. They may slow you down but its their cruise, too. Note to self: remember this rule. Most of all Relax, you’re on vacation. AND laugh lots. Go have fun!

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I hope everyone found these 25 Cruise Tips helpful? Sometimes we just need a little help with things we might have forgotten or simply an idea we hadn’t thought about.