Cruise Essentials luggage

Lets say your all ready to jump in your car, hop on your plane, or walk up the gangway, but is your luggage ready? Unlike a traditional land-based holiday, travelling by Cruise Ship means a different set of rules for packing Those Cruise Essintials.

If you’re wondering what to pack for a cruise, we’ve put together an essentials list so you can be ready to enjoy your vacation:

What to Wear

1. Sneakers

Just because you may be spending most of your time island hopping and basking in the sun, doesn’t mean flip flops are the only footwear you’ll want to bring along. Excursions may require a lot of walking and cruise ships often include activities, such as rock climbing and zip lining, so pack at least one pair of athletic or sport shoes. Who knows you might even go to the Gym ?

2. Watch

More than likely you won’t have phone service at sea, And so many of us rely on our phone these days for even knowing the time. Simple, bring a watch to make sure you’ll never miss anything.

3. Lanyard necklace

Cruise Essentials lanyard

Your cruise ship ID card serves as your room key, along with pretty much any other thing you might want to do on board from shopping to drinking to booking a tour in port. Getting on or off the ship its a must, being that you will have to present it to security at the gangway, when boarding and disembarking at different ports. Bring your own lanyard; it’s cheaper than buying one on board.

4. Formal wear

Most cruises have at least two formal night, so pack an evening dress and suit. The ships dining rooms have different attire each night depending on the night of your cruise.

Essential Electronics

5. Alarm clock

Many cruise cabins don’t provide then, unlike hotels do. And you don’t want to incur roaming charges on your mobile phone to keep track of time.

6. Power strips


Cruise cabins seldom have enough electrical outlets for all of your devices and gadgets. Pack a multi plug of power strip. allowing you to charge all of your devices simultaneously. My Favourite one

7. Digital movies and books

If you’re bringing your tablet or E-reader, download a variety of movies, TV shows, music or books before leaving home. Downloading at sea can result in steep data expenses.

8. Thumb drive

Rather than printing copies of important documents like your passport and license, store them on a thumb drive instead. Most cruise ships will also offer to upload your photos from your digital camera freeing up space for extra picture taking.

9. Walkie talkies

Cruise Essentials walkie talkie

Since cell phone service can be expensive at sea, walkie talkies are a great alternative for those traveling in a group. Who ever thought you would be using the term “ten – Four” or “Roger – Roger” on your cruise

10. SD card and flash drive

Don’t risk losing your photos or having to delete some due to a full SD card. Bring an extra memory card, so you won’t run chance of missing those all important candid cruise moments.

11. Spare batteries and charger

To avoid your camera or tablet fading mid-cruise, take extra batteries. Even think about investing in a power bank.

Important Paperwork

12. Identification

Check with your cruise line to find out what paperwork and documents you’ll need to bring along. If you’re traveling to an island in the Caribbean, for instance, it may be a territory of another country and require you to have a passport to enter. You never know, you might miss the ship and having your official documents will allow you leave the country if need be.

13. Cruise travel insurance policy

Purchasing a policy prior to your cruise will help protect you from issues that are unique to cruising, like port changes and mechanical breakdowns.

14. Medications

Bring your own first aid items, such as adhesive bandages and medications. Prices on board are much higher than your neighbourhood pharmacy. For a great guide to what you might want to bring along. Check this page out.

15. Sea-sick wristband

Cruise Essentials sea sick band

If you’re prone to motion sickness, a wristband to prevent illness while cruising may help. These anti nausea bracelets work on acu pressure, along with knowing their non drowsy.

16. Antibacterial wipes

Antibacterial wipes or a gel can help protect against germs and bacteria.

17. Mosquito repellent

A bug spray or mosquito repellent bracelet will always come in handy, especially if you’re in the Caribbean. A lot of inland tours require you carry it just in case.

18. Ear plugs

If your room is near the nightclub, engine room, congested walkway or a noisy neighbor, ear plugs can help you drown out the racket. Who knows the person next to you might even resemble a freight train.

More Miscellaneous Must-Haves (MMMH)

19. Extra hangers

Your cabin will have a few hangers, but you may need more, especially if you’ve packed for a longer cruise. Your friendly cabin steward can easily get you some more.

20. Dry bag

Cruise Essentials travel pouch

Plan on going Snorkelling? Waterproof dry bags can help keep your electronics and similar items protected. Check out some of your choices here

21. Detergent

Most ships offer laundry services, but it’s rarely free, and you might have to wait a day or two to get items back. Save time by hand washing in your cabin sink. Bringing your own travel-size detergent to clean swimsuits and under garments.

And Finally……..

Pack what you’ll need for your first evening on board in your carry-on bag. Your checked luggage may not be delivered to your room until later that night, so you’ll want to have access to the essentials.