How to pack a travel First-Aid Kit


What you’ll need to make sure you stay healthy on holidays

You’ve bought travel insurance and made sure your passport is up to date, but what about a first-aid kit ?

“Roughly 50 percent of travellers will get some sort of medical problem on their cruise” says Dr Deb Mills, medical spokesperson for the Travel Medicine Alliance (TMA). She advises packing a kit that’s targeted to you, your specific destination and the kind of trip your going on.

“The main issue is if you’re going to developing countries, which will require more in your kit than “safe” destinations – though there are risks anywhere you go.”

Before You Go

See you GP or Physician. Make sure you have enough of your usual medications to last. “On certain cruises depending on the destinations you need to carry approval in the form of a note from your medical practitioner saying your carrying medicines on your doctor’s advice” “Make sure your medication is in its original packaging or in containers that are clearly labelled.” says Deb.

In Your Toolkit

As a general rule, there are four things can happen to you when you take a cruise.

1. Diarrhoea and Stomach Problems

Take hand sanitiser to clean your hands before eating. But keep in mind it only protects against bacteria. Viruses like norovirus and colds and flu are not prevented by hand sanitiser. So hand washing with soap and water where possible is very important.

2. Pain Relief And Sun Protection

Bad sunburn can ruin your whole cruise. Apply cool compresses and some 1% hydrocortisone – it makes a huge difference.

3. Pain Relief And Sun Protection

It’s easy to pick up viruses, flu and colds sitting next to people on planes and in airports. Studies show that people often don’t wash their hands after using public toilets or before meals.

4. Bites And Wounds

For insect bites treat it like a wound and try to keep it dry. You can put hydrocortisone cream on. And as a rule, apply sunscreen first – 30 minutes before going outside, then put insect repellent on over the top.

We hope some of these items come in hand during your next cruise. Perhaps you already bring some of these along, others your going to bring for the first time. At the end of the day, its all about going on your cruise to have fun, relax and stay safe and healthy.

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