skyride outage

Following on from previously reported news, the Carnival Horizon still doesn’t have an operating Skyride. In our last news report, a letter was sent to all guests stating the ride will be closed for the entire cruise as unexpected maintenance was being performed.

Skip ahead one more week and the guests on the upcoming cruise starting on the 24th August have now also got the same letter. informing them of the closure to the industry-first theme park-style ride.

The letter set out to the future guests reads like this:

Due to extended maintenance , SkyRide will be closed for the duration of your cruise, while our team completes an enhancement plan for the ride.

we apologize for any disappointment this may cause and know you will enjoy the many other fun features on board.

Of course, at this point, we here at I like cruise ships are just as disappointed as the traveling guests are. Knowing they booked the cruise so far in advance and to only find out a week before it is now closed.

it is also necessary to point out that from time to time closures have happened due to adverse weather. Which would be out of the cruise lines control.

skyride outage

In a statement provided to the Popular Cruise website Cruise Hive, further clarification was also sought. Here is what Carnival has to say about the current situation:

“SkyRide is currently undergoing extended maintenance on Carnival Horizon and Carnival Vista. We conduct regular maintenance inspections of SkyRide on both ships” 

“As we compared findings of the most recent inspections, we decided it best to take the rides out of service and consult with our engineering experts on some enhancements to maintain the high level of safety we are committed to providing”

We are making every effort to complete any recommended work as quickly as possible

At present, the Skyride is only onboard 2 ships out of the fleet of Carnival ships. It will also feature on the soon to be released Carnival Panorama which will debut this coming December 2019.