inaugural cruise bridge

With exactly 32 days until the Carnival Horizon sails off on its inaugural cruise. I Like Cruise Ships has been able to obtain the very latest pictures direct from the Fincantieri Ship Yard in Venice, Italy. The inaugural cruise is set for the 2nd April 2018

inaugural cruise Stripe

With the help of a very close friend, these photos are being shown here for the very first time. Due to the very heavy workload of the shipyard workers and contractors even obtaining photos is like asking an Italian if they like deep pan Pizza.

inaugural cruise Bow

Now, if you ever want to get a cruise ship fanatic excited. Post photos of a ship under construction. my self-included. Getting to see the ship before that all important first cruise is like watching the trailer for a movie before it’s released or wanting to open the oven door before the cake is ready.

What You’ve Been Waiting For

First up we have the Lido Deck area. With the cold snap hitting most parts of Europe right now. Snow is evident all over the open deck. And before you ask winter sports aren’t a part of Sports Square.

inaugural cruise funnel
Look back towards the Funnel. Including a partial view of the Dr Seuss water slide.
inaugural cruise pool
The Aft Pool and covered bar area. Yes, that is Ice in the pool.
inaugural cruise court
Seen here is part of Sports Square, namely the enclosed sports court
inaugural cruise sky ride
The main framework for the ever-popular Sky Ride
inaugural cruise pool
With snow and construction materials its still a long way from looking like the Lido pool were used too.
inaugural cruise cement
Yes, that is a cement mixer on the Aft Lido Deck.
inaugural cruise gym
For now the gym equipment is all wrapped up so as not to get damaged before the grand unveiling.
inaugural cruise tides bar
The Aft Tides Pool Bar. Not quite ready to serve the drink of the day.

Interior Shots 

The following photos are just a few of the hundreds I had to choose from. Keep an eye out for a follow-up post with more photos from our world exclusive behind the scenes tour of your Carnival Horizon.

inaugural cruise shop
The World Class on-board Duty-Free shops are set to become one of the best shopping experiences to ever be unveiled on a Carnival Ship
inaugural cruise gym
Part of the Cloud 9 Spa is the Gym on-board.
inaugural cruise imax
The IMAX Theatre. Lots of seats free for now.
inaugural cruise food
The Lido deck Food service area. I think these look like food action stations. No more Lines?
inaugural cruise pizza
Its still called Pizza Pirate I hope?
inaugural cruise circle c
Circle-C starts to take shape. Just like mums house with the plastic on the furniture

Up Coming Cruises

The Carnival Horizon will sail off on her inaugural Cruise on the 2nd April 2018 Listed below are the upcoming cruises on offer:

  • 13 day Mediterranean sailing out of Barcelona.
  • 4 round-trip sailings out of the same port.

Following that she’ll make the long voyage to New York City, doing a 14-day transatlantic taking place from May 9-23rd of 2018. Horizon will then spend the summer sailing four-day cruises to Bermuda and 8-day journeys to the Caribbean from the Big Apple.

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Once the Horizon concludes her New York season, she will head south making the Port of Miami her final destination. Ultimately sailing 6 and 8-day cruises to the Caribbean.

( Want to sail on her, but only want to do a sampler? why not enjoy a special one-time-only 2-day cruise? She’ll sail from Miami to Nassau on September 20, 2018!)