7 things

Starting to pack ? But you aren’t sure if you have everything.Check out this list of 7 things to remember for your next cruise adventure.

Having just returned from a recent cruise on board the newest carnival ship, the Carnival Horizon. I thought i would put together a list of 7 things you might want to consider bringing with you on Your next cruise.

7 things

The main things to remember will come very easily to you. Its the small things that you always forget. The kind of things you wish you had remembered before you got on the ship.

1. Travel Mug

Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug, 20 oz

Now travel mugs aren’t new. Most of us use them just about every day. At home, at work, in the car. Just about every where. But it comes the time to cruise, you get onboard and realize you left it at home in the kitchen. Travel mugs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Take a look at my FAVORITE MUG, that i hope find will make a big difference on your cruise.


2. Magnetic Wall Hooks

Neodymium Magnetic Hooks, Incredibly Strong 30+ LB Strength Hook Magnets 


These were by far one of the best things i bought along and used inthe cabin for the entire trip. Seeing as most ships have metal wall, the magnetic hooks can be hung anywhere in the cabin, both in the bathroom or main cabin area. A set of 5 costs less that $10 and in opinion worth every cent.


3. Corkscrew

Professional Wine Opener by HiCoup – Rosewood Handle All-in-one Waiters Corkscrew, Bottle Opener and Foil Cutter.



When you decide to bring wine onboard, its pretty much a given you’re going to forget to bring your opener. as is usual. your is at home in the kitchen draw. So rather than paying out the cruise lines corkage, why not get one and have it always in your travel luggage.

I’d never used a waiter’s corkscrew until a good friend introduced me to them. I’ve previously owned a lot of other styles including a butterfly and CO2 opener. Now I much prefer the process of using a waiter’s corkscrew. THIS PRODUCT is everything it should be. Very well made, beautifully crafted and nice to look at. Again $10 well spent.


4. Aloe Gel

Related image

No matter how much sunscreen you use. sometimes you miss a few spots. Also when you travel with friends and family for sure someone is going to get burnt. Carrying a bottle of Aloe in your bag may or may not get used. But you just never know. You can pick up a travel size bottle online very easily.


5. Travel Adaptor

Cruise Power Strip with 3 USB and 3 power Outlets. Non Surge Protection for Cruise Ships

Some cruise lines do not allow certain types of power strips, this one is allowed on all ships, I was very happy with the performance. Our cabin had only 1 110V outlet, I needed more outlet for my stuff including my cell phone, tablet and shaver. It charged my devices quickly and the cord was long enough to be place in a safe spot. Definitely a great addition to my travel bag. Check it out here at this LINK

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6. Post it Notes

Is there anything i need to say about these. Better still let me post a comment i found on Amazon from one Happy buyer.

Really!!?? What isn’t to love about these Post-it Notes? They are used everywhere, in all sorts or situations, in the house, garage, offices, kitchen, living room and bathroom (come on, you know that you have them in there too!). 

I guess he did forget to mention there great for use in your cabin, or for leaving a message on your door for friends and family. You can grab them online HERE or simply buy some at your local supermarket or office supply store.

7. Reef Shoe / Aqua Shoes

Zhuanglin Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

Aqua Sock or Aqua shoes as i call them are something your going to need if your planning a Caribbean cruise and your one main aim is to goto the beach or snorkelling. A lot of beaches have rocky shores and unless you have super hardy feet, Aqua shoes are a given. If your going to Jamaica on your next cruise and Dunn’s River Fall is a tour you’ve book. Bring shows from home, otherwise your going to be buying them 10 minutes before your tour starts when you least want to be making size and color decisions.

CRUISE NEWS: http://ilikecruiseships.com/news/victorias-secret-horizon/

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope this list helps. These 7 things are only a tip of the packing iceberg. I know from my past cruises no matter how well you plan, your going to forget something. My last cruise it was a belt for my pant to wear on formal night. Just thing of this 7 things list as 7 things you might need on a 7 night cruise. ?