So here we are  yet again with another instalment of ” I Like Cruise Ships ” Top 5 List.

So before we begin, I thought I would point out that I am sure you’ve seen these lists before and I am sure you seen items on these lists. But if only one items pops in your head as something you should bring on your cruise We’ve done our job.

As you might or might now know, the links you see on these pages go directly to Amazon and this site earns a small commission of any sales gained from purchases made. I really want to be very transparent about this. For me their is nothing to hide. Even better still if you like these lists, I could even post an Amazon sales report in a later post.

Of course my long term goal is to quit my day job and live on a tropical island posting on this site and in between a dip in the ocean take time to post more content for you. But back to reality here. Last month (December 2017) I earned only $0.72. Even from 790 people looking at the items, only one person so what i see in these great products. lets see, unless you know of any incredibly cheap tropical islands to live on…..its back to work on Monday for me.

I thought I would give the Luggage Tags another go. After posting about this on Facebook. It seems from the comments and likes everything thought they were a good idea. Or perhaps most people have them already.

1. Carnival Cruise Line

See here are an example of the types of heavy duty Carnival luggage tags that people are using for their cruise. They can be purchased in a 4 pack or an 8 pack.

2. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

These are a slightly different type. But all built the same way. using the wire closing system. Royal Caribbean’s Tags are available here. Again these can be combined with lanyards in a package deal.

3. Celebrity Cruise Line

Due to the nature of Royal Caribbean and Celebrity owning each other their luggage tags are very simular. The link to find the Celebrity Cruise Tags is here.


4. Norwegian Cruise Line

Although the Norwegian Cruise Line Tags don’t have a specific type made for them. as you can see there a very simular size to lots of the other types listed on this page.

5. GPS enable Luggage tags

Probably not everyone’s no. 5 I am sure. But certainly in this day and age where smart phones are becoming the norm. GPS tracking is the way to go. No more lost luggage, no more wandering around the cruise terminal looking for it.

So, I hope you enjoying looking over the different luggage tag options out there on the market. If you liked reading this article. Perhaps click on over to some other Top 5 Lists.

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