5 things you can’t leave home without


So here is a list of 5 things We think you shouldn’t cruise with out. So lets assume for a minute were all adults here and packing things like your clothes, shoes and sock and perhaps your swimsuit are things we don’t need to remind you about.

Well here they are…..Our top 5 things we think you forgot about bringing.

1. A Corkscrew.


So we all know that most cruise lines allow wind and champagne on board during embarkation. But did you remember the corkscrew. For under $5.00 you can get one just like this one. Don’t forget to pack it in your luggage and not your carry on when boarding the ship.


2. Sunscreen and Lip Balm.


I think that at some point or another everyone’s been on a holiday or just out in the sun and didn’t apply sunscreen. Even worse you get on your cruise and realize you forgot to pack it. Here’s a great option for you to get some ahead of time. For under $10 you can get a combination pack including sunscreen, Aloe Vera and a chap stick.

3. Dramamine for sea sickness.

 At some point I think most people will get some kind of quizzieness or sea sickness. Even in calm seas lots of people get affected. Most cruise lines provide it either free or for a small cost. But its always good to have your saving your self the hunt to find it. A pack of 36 is less that $10 here


4. Towel Clips.




Firstly I am not the kind who lays out in the sun. But I know from my many cruises that people really battle with the wind when it comes to placing there towel on one of the pool chairs. These clips will go a long way to helping you over come those windy day blues. for only $8.99 for a set of 8. there a must for your next lido deck adventures.


5. Phone / Passport Dry Bag or Pouch.



dry bag


With more and more people wanting to bring there cell phones on their cruises. Along with the fact most people are relying on these for taking photos. a dry bag is a must have for your days at the beach or a snorkelling excursion. Even if your only going up to the pool, you can carry it around your neck for safe keeping. For less than $11.00 this one should do what you need.

I hope this list helps you out in your endeavours towards packing your luggage before your cruise starts. Its never too early to start planning.

For more great packing ideas here’s another top 5 post I did with more must have items for your next cruise.

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