Cruise Ship Jail

So I am sure a lot of you are wondering what this story was going to talk about. Or better still what it’s really like inside a Cruise Ship jail.

ship brig

Firstly on ships, a cruise ship jail cell isn’t called a jail the correct term is “The Brig”…….For the more technically minded below is the dictionary term explained.

brig                                                                 Origin


1.(US) A jail or guardhouse, especially in a naval military prison or jail on a ship, navy base, or (in fiction) spacecraft.


Abbreviated from brigantine, from Italian Brigantino; in sense “jail”, from the use of such ships as prisons.

There you have it. I am sure most of you didn’t know the meaning of the word, my self-included.

 (The non-discrete door in the crew only area)

Now from my experience, the cruise ship jail is the last place the ship’s officers want to use as a place to keep a passenger or guest. In most cases, if some kind of incident has occurred they will keep the person under cabin arrest.

Where the person is held in their room with a ships security guard posted by their door. Not allowing them in or out. In extreme cases, if necessary the person will then be put off in the next port of call, by either disembarking them or handing them over to local authorities.

Cruise Ship Jail(Once inside the jail it really is a lot nicer than what you think)

Most instances where the guest is under cabin arrest it’s sometimes for things as simple as drunkenness or perhaps from an argument or altercation with a fellow guests or crew member.

In rare cases, it’s for more serious matters needing to be dealt with by land-based authorities. Where more serious incidents have occurred then the cruise ships jail will be used.

Cruise Ship Jail

With padded walls and a basic bed, a cruise ship jail cell or room is pretty simple and definitely not like a real-life jail cell found on land. The bedding is pretty much the same as regular crew or team members bedding.

Cruise Ship Jail

Off to the right of the main room, there is a small bathroom with only a toilet and sink. Even that was nice considering the reason you might be in there.

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Now…..Was it what you expected. did you want to see bars and a small square cell?