According to a company called Freedom Cruise Line. A new ship design has been released that is going to be able to accommodate 60,000 and measure 1.6 miles long.

Freedom Cruise Line International is looking to build what will be the largest ship in maritime history.

Freedom Cruise Line

The ship will be the first mobile city at sea and will bear the name freedom ship. The cost of construction is estimated at 11 billion USD.

The superstructure will be over 20 levels and consist of condominium style housing for 60,000, a hospital, a school, a hotel area, duty free shops and a commercial area for offices and work space.

The commercial district aboa Free Ship will have a capacity of 100,000 including 40,000, 20,000 full time crew, up to 30,000 daily visitors and 10,000 people per day who will come to the casino hotel area.

Freedom Cruise Line

It is proposed the top deck will have an airplane hanger and runway to support the arrival of small charter style places to come and go.

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Although the idea for the project was revealed some years ago, only recently has the company announced planned to begin primary engineering works in late 2019.

Freedom Cruise Line

However, don’t expect the ship to be available for booking anytime soon. Build time could be anything from 5 to 10 years. Chances of this monster ship being built and finished anytime soon are a long way off as the potential safety standards will be so extreme as the ship will have entirely new rules to follow as the maritime industry will put such scrutiny on a monstrosity of this size. Not to mention local authority requirements of a port or city that it might come in contact with.

Are we ready for a ship of this size?