Cruise Passengers Overboard

Cruise passengers on 2 separate ships are being reported as missing in the past 48 hours. Passengers on the 2 ships appear to have gone overboard.

As reported by the news site Shine the first incident occurred onboard the cruise ship Majestic Princess sailing out of Shanghai, China on Wednesday night.

A Chinese man aged 45 years old jumped into the sea from the upper decks of the ship.

At the time the ship was about 60 nautical miles away from Jeju Island of the coast of South Korea. The incident occurred at around 7.48pm Beijing time, according to Princess Cruises.

The man’s wife alerted the crew, and security footage of the incident has been captured. At the time the Majestic Princess changed course to allow for a search to begin. The ships rescue boats were also lowered to assist in looking for the man.

Coastguard officers from both Japan and South Korea joined in the mission to locate the man. At the time of this report, the man has failed to have been recovered.

cruise passengers overboard

Cruise Passenger Overboard in Second Incident

In the second incident being reported. A Taiwanese women fell off the Sun Princess sailing off the coast between Taiwan and Japan.

The body of the 42-year-old woman was recovered from the sea after she fell from the ship during the cruise that visited Okinawa, Japan.

The Sun Princess which is part of the Princess Cruises fleet was sailing a 5-day journey from Keelung to Okinawa and is due back in its homeport on Sunday, August 11.

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The woman was first discovered missing around about 6 am Japanese time, triggering a full search of both the ship and waters. With a short period of time, it was discovered on security footage of her falling overboard.

The ship then adjusted its course to lowered its rescue boats, allowing them to recover the women at 7.13am. However, once on board the lady had since past away.

Both incidents really are hard-hitting for us here at I Like Cruise Ships to report on. Having worked on ships or the past 20 years, I know first hand how hard these situations can be, both for the families involved and the crew and officers on the ship.