Swarovski Crystal Cabin

MSC Cruises, The world’s largest privately-owned cruise line announced today that their newest flagship would now feature the world’s first crystal cabin adorned with glittering Swarovski crystals. 

The Swarovski staircases have been an iconic feature of MSC Cruises’ ships for more than ten years and with this new collaboration with Swarovski on board MSC Bellissima, this sensational cabin will bring a touch of extra sparkle and glamour to MSC Cruises beautiful flagship.

The collaboration with Swarovski spans more than ten years when in 2008 the first iconic Swarovski staircases were unveiled on MSC Fantasia. Since then, the staircases have become a stand-out design feature onboard eight ships in the fleet, including MSC Bellissima and are arguably the most photographed spot on the ship.

  • Swarovski Crystal Cabin
  • Swarovski Crystal Cabin
  • Swarovski Crystal Cabin

The new crystal cabin will be situated in the MSC Yacht Club, the premium ship within a ship concept and will be recognizable thanks to a crystallized number on the outside of the cabin door.

Every element has been carefully chosen to add elegant touches and complement the cabin design with 700,000 crystals used to embellish the space, including crystallized furniture, such as the bedside tables, sideboard and coffee table. The wall sconces have been specially designed, offering stunning lighting throughout the cabin. Even the walls have featured a touch of glamour, with beautiful coral artwork sparkling with crystals.

The new crystal cabin developed in collaboration with Swarovski and DE JORIO DESIGN is sure to become a coveted addition to the all-inclusive MSC Yacht Club where guests can eat, drink, swim and sunbathe in a lavish, private club atmosphere while enjoying access to all the recreation opportunities offered throughout the ship.

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Guests wishing to stay in the dazzling cabin number 16018 will need to book early to ensure availability but will be pleased to discover that this marvel is available at no extra cost and will match other MSC Yacht Club cabin prices.

The cabin will be available from mid-November.