Costa Luminosa rescue’s the crew of a stranded fishing charter vessel, which was on fire off the Aegean Sea, saving eleven people onboard.

Around midnight yesterday, the Costa Luminosa was sailing south of the Peloponnese Penninsula towards the port of Katakolon, Greece received a request for intervention from the Hellenic Coast Guard Joint Rescue Coordination Center of Piraeus to aid the fishing boat “Kilic 1”, in serious distress due to a fire onboard.

Costa Luminosa
photo by Angel David – Twitter

Under the guidance of Captain Pietro Sinisi, Costa Luminosa deviated from the route to reach the boat. Despite the dense smoke coming out of the fish carrier and the adverse sea and weather conditions, with winds gusting up to thirty knots and 2-meter waves, rescue operations were successful.

A passenger onboard the Luminosa, Michele Jackson commented on social media “I just saw firsthand, the amazing efforts of the crew working together to provide aid in a time of need. Thank you for your bravery at 2:00 am “

Costa Luminosa
AngelDavid / Twitter

A great outcome which could have ended very differently

The eleven crewmembers were recovered from the bow of Kilic 1 by a Costa Luminosa tender and then transferred to a nearby cargo ship previously involved in operations by the Greek Coast Guard. They are all reported to be in good health.

Seen below is a past photo of the vessel “Kilic 1” The ship was sailing under Turkish flag. It really is a testament to the Captain and Crew onboard the Costa Luminosa for the bravery in the saving of the crew onboard the stricken vessel.

costa luminosa

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Costa Luminosa later resumed the route towards Katakolon, Greece one of the calls included on its current week-long itinerary to discover Greece, Croatia and Montenegro.