The exclusive Costa Around the World Cruise leaves from Venice: 106 days exploring the most interesting sights on 5 continents, crossing 3 oceans and visiting 41 fascinating destinations


On 6 January 2018 the Costa Luminosa will set sail from Venice on the Around the World Cruise: a thrilling 106-day journey that will take Costa guests on a tour of the most wonderful sights on the planet, travelling across 3 oceans and visiting 41 destinations before returning to Venice on 22 April.


A dream that comes true for all travellers and cruise enthusiasts who will be able to enjoy the unique experience of circumnavigating the globe in a little over three months, following in the footsteps of history’s great navigators to discover remarkable cultures and landscapes. For those that have missed out the opportunity this year, Costa Luminosa will be embarking on another Around the World Cruise in 2019 with a scheduled departure of Saturday 5 January from Venice.


Around 2000 guests have reserved a cabin on the 2018 Around the World Cruise. They hail from more than 30 different countries, with the majority from France (around 500), Italy and Germany (over 300 for each country), Switzerland (over 200), Spain (just under 200) and Austria (over 100). The oldest explorer, a man from Italy, is 92 years old, while the youngest is a little French boy who is just a year old.


The ship chosen for the Around the World Cruise is the Costa Luminosa, one of the most enchanting in the Costa fleet: on board guests will be able to experience the excellence of Italian hospitality, cuisine and style, and will feel right at home even if they are thousands of kilometres from their real homes.


The itinerary of the Around the World Cruise includes fascinating destinations like the AntillesColombiaMexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico and California; after crossing the Pacific Ocean, the tour will continue on to Hawaii, Polynesia,Fiji islandsAustralia and Indonesia, before finishing with calls at Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, the Arab Emirates, Oman and Greece


Another highlight of this cruise will be the extended calls in many of the itinerary’s destinations, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sydney, Singapore, Phuket, Cochin, Mumbai, Dubai and Muscat. Guests will be able to take advantage of the many wonderful excursions organised by Costa to enjoy some unforgettable moments also on land and make their trip even more unforgettable.    


From Puerto Quetzal (Guatemala) it will be possible to take a charter flight to the archaeological site of Tikal, one of the biggest Maya cities known to modern historians, discovering the ruins while walking along footpaths immersed in the rainforest.


The itinerary also includes a stop in the multi-faceted metropolis of Los Angeles: guests will be able to stroll along the Walk of Fame, the most famous pavement in the world, comprising 2500 brass stars with the names of famous celebrities from the world of showbiz, and explore real-life film sets at Universal Studios. They will also have the chance to board a helicopter for a thrilling 30-minute ride that takes in some of the most intriguing locations on the West Coast.

More adventurous guests will be able to go on a really adrenaline-filled excursion in Sydney, climbing the famous Harbour Bridge: a 3-hour course of walkways, stairs and arches that finishes with a spectacular 360° vista of one of the world’s most enchanting bays.

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