What would you do if you were vacationing and all of a sudden your Cruise ship came to complete Stop?

Well Guests onboard the Carnival Cruise Line Ship, Carnival Glory found that out recently (Wednesday) when it was paralyzed less than a mile from the mouth of El Morro, Puerto Rico confirmed the spokesman of the Coast Guard in Puerto Rico, Ricardo Castrodad.

As he indicated

“The incident on the boat occurred after they released 200 feet of his anchor chain while leaving Old San Juan”

Somehow the incident happened at around 5:00 pm right after the ship had left port when the cruise ship started to faced the problem and its staff began the process of cutting the anchor chain free.

Five hours later, at 10:00 at night, the ship was able to resolve the matter and continue on its scheduled cruise.

The Coast Guard official went on to say, two tugboats were used to maintain the position of the Carnival Glory while the situation was being addressed.

El Morro Fort, The main landfall upon entering San Juan Habour

However, the high tide, which during the past few days has affected the island’s coastline, complicated the situation by exerting pressure on the ships anchor chain.

El Morro Ship
The Carnival Glory, Seen here just pulling away from the Port of Cozumel, Mexico.

Following the incident, which occurred 0.8 miles from El Morro Fort, Carnival Glory continued with its scheduled cruise travelling to its next destination, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands.

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“The reason why this happened (that the ships anchor chain was released) is going to have to be investigated,” said the Coast Guard spokesman. At present, the chain is lying on the bottom of the ocean.

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Once the ship returns to its home port of Miami a new anchor chain will need to be installed, but as of right now no information on this has been released.



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